Why Does My Dog Hump Me, Objects or Other Dogs?

Are you wondering why your dog humps or mounts on you, objects, or other dogs? Although humping is harmless, at times, it can be embarrassing. Whether your pooch is young or older, it is important to understand why they hump anything they come across. In this article, we will discuss in-depth why dogs hump and how to control the behavior.  

Why Do Dogs Hump?

Humping or mounting is mainly associated with sexual behavior, although it is not always the case. Dogs can jump on you, objects, or even other dogs without necessarily being in sexual action. Unless the humping is excess, making you or other dogs uncomfortable with the situation, it is normal behavior for dogs to hump.  

Here are a few reasons why dogs often hump

Sensual behavior

Did you know humping can be a form of masturbation? Just like human beings, dogs also have hormones as well as sexual attraction, and when in heat, they tend to jump on anything to ejaculate. When two intact dogs hump on each other regularly, they end up mating, so if you want to prevent this from happening, you should separate your dog from the opposite sex for a while. Also, you can have your dog neutered or spayed to curb the behavior.


Even though humping is considered a sexual position for dogs, it does not mean that every time your dog humps, they are displaying sexual behavior. When a dog humps, it could be a sign of excitement or even dominance. For example, it is most likely for your dogs to bark, run, jump or even hump when they see visitors arriving or receive a new toy. Sometimes dogs may also hump to seek attention from the owner. 


Dogs are pack animals, guided by social hierarchy. One of the ways dogs assert dominance is through humping. However, older dogs are more likely to hump as a way to assert dominance than younger dogs. Dominance can be asserted on other dogs or people and things such as beds. It’s often a way of claiming their spot.

Medical problem

Even though humping is not necessarily related to medical causes, it is essential to rule it out as a possibility. There are some medical problems such as infections which include urinary incontinence, urinary tract infection, and priapism. Dogs can also have skin allergies. These medical issues can lead dogs to mounting behavior. In most cases, dogs with medical problems tend to lick their genital area. If you notice any of these behaviors, it is advisable to consult your veterinarian to rule out any concern. 

When Is Humping a Problem?

Although humping might be natural for dogs, it can be a problem as well. Humping becomes a problem when your dog indulges in the behavior several times within the hour. Excessive humping can signify medical issues such as infections or irritation, skin allergies, and prostate cancer. Humping is also sexual arousal, and your dog might be seeking pleasure which becomes a problem for people or other dogs. 

How Can I Stop My Dog from Humping?

At first, it may seem amusing to watch your dog humping you or everything around the house, however as the behavior becomes more prevalent, it becomes alarming. It is advisable to train and redirect your dog as early as possible before the behavior becomes uncontrollable. Once you have ruled out medical issues, observe your dog and note how often the humping happens so that it can become easier to manage the behavior. 


Boredom greatly influences humping. A great technique to discourage this behavior is distracting your dog with a different activity like taking them outside to exercise or throwing them a ball to chase and catch. Try to catch him in the act and immediately distract them by giving them something else to do.  


Training is primarily one of the best ways to redirect your dog from mounting behavior. It is essential to train your dog that humping is not acceptable behavior. Use a command like ‘Stop’ ‘Leave it’ or ‘No’ when you catch your dog in the act. Remember to reward them by giving them a pat, treat, or a new toy when they obey. Slowly, your dog will learn that humping is not acceptable.

FAQs About Dogs Humping

Why is my dog trying to hump me?why do dogs hump

Your dog may try to hump you due to various reasons, including seeking your attention, excitement, boredom, wanting to play with you, and sexual arousal.

Why does my dog hump my boyfriend?

One of the primary reasons dogs hump is dominance, and your dog may hump your boyfriend to mark the territory hierarchy. Your dog may also be seeking attention from your boyfriend since his eyes and attention are only directed towards you, so your dog will try hard to be noticed. Your dog might also be excited to see your boyfriend.

Why does my dog hump and bite me?

During the first years of a dog’s life, they often have strong canine instincts such as dominance that may lead to humping and biting. The action is not necessarily sexual and is a way through which they assert dominance even amongst other dogs in their litter. This behavior can be best handled by taking your dog to impulse training.

Why does my dog hump his bed all the time?

Have you bought your pup a new bed or sprayed his bed with an exciting spray? Well, he might be showing off his excitement. If there are visitors in the house, he will hump on his bed to express excitement, and if you have instilled good-humping behavior, then your dog might hump on his bed when you are not around to see him. 

Dogs also tend to hump their beds to express happiness or pleasure, especially if it is time to sleep. If your dog is getting busy with their bed after lights out, it could be due to anxiety, and the bed is a source of comfort.

Why does my dog hump me after eating?

Dogs hump when they are happy and excited, and mealtime makes them excited. As excitement can be a form of arousal, your dog will tend to hump you for satisfaction. Your dog is happy with the meal, and naturally, they will hump you as a sign of gratitude and wants you both to play.

Why does my dog hump me all of a sudden?

If your dog has suddenly started humping you, it is wise you talk to your veterinarian. It could be a sign of medical issues such as skin allergy, infection, or hormonal diseases.

Why does my dog hump me on my period?

Although it is natural for dogs to hump, it can be a humiliating moment, especially during your period. Dogs have an amazing sense of smell, and they can detect the menstrual odor. Dogs have glands around their genitals called apocrine, which produce and give off pheromones. Human beings also have apocrine glands. During menstruation, women produce more pheromones which makes your dog feel that you smell significantly differently. All this will result in your dog humping you during your period.

Why does my female dog hump me even after being spayed?

Considered one of the greatest misconceptions, female dogs also hump people, things, and other dogs. Spaying your female dog will reduce her desire to hump other dogs. However, in the face of anxiety, stress, or frustration, your female dog may still result in humping. Spaying may only deal with humping when it is the result of arousal or hormonal influxes. If the behavior persists, even after spaying, consult a behavioral professional for advice.

It is normal for dogs, male and female, to hump for any of the above discussed reasons. Fortunately, the behavior can be managed through patience and proper training. Carefully observe your dog to understand what triggers the behavior and deal with it accordingly.  

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