What are the best dogs for seniors?

Having a dog companion in your sunset years can be liberating. In this phase of your life, you may consider adopting a dog that can play multiple roles in your life. There are a variety of cool dog breeds for retirees. You should really get a dog breed that suits your needs and tastes. 

Keeping in mind, factors such as size, health, and activity level needed by the dog, some of the best seniors’ dog choices are:

  • Labrador retriever
  • French bulldog
  • Bulldog
  • Rottweiler
  • Golden retriever
  • Poodle
  • Bichon Frise
  • Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

Labrador retriever

Labs are adorable, double-coated, and floppy-eared sturdy dogs. Their short height will enable you to handle them easily, coupled with their average weight of up to 85pounds. You will not need to stress much since their low energy will be just right. 

This amazing dog breed is a good swimmer requiring low social attention. Taking walks together for exercise will be necessary to avoid obesity for you both. The retrievers will mature fast, reaching an adult height in six to eight months, being by your side for the next 14years.

Golden retriever

The golden retriever is one of the most affectionate dogs, picking your emotions as they change. This dog breed is good for retirees, especially since you will have more time to bond with it. Unlike owners who leave in the morning, returning only at night, being a senior with more time in your hands makes you two inseparable. 

While they enjoy some outdoor play, these medium-sized, luscious, golden dogs are sure to keep your golden years shining. They are easy to train, pleasing, and maintain their puppy nature into adulthood.

French bulldog

These miniature bulldogs at 11 inches to one foot tall at the shoulder are for keeps in the sunset years. Passing as an amazing, rare dog breed, their small size will be less cumbersome for you, especially since you may not want a heavy dog. 

French bulldogs are very playful and easy to carry along to the outdoors. Their low shedding eases your grooming work as their coat is not fluffy. They are easy to train and will adapt well to your apartment living, especially if you relocated to a smaller apartment if you are an empty nester. They do not tolerate cold weather so well, though, so the snuggles and tucks will help.


Bulldogs are easily identifiable by their loose skin on the head. They are friendly, especially to strangers, and will most likely get you to socializing again with other dog owners during your walks. This dog breed is naturally courageous and warm.

During the humid season, you will spot the bulldogs having labored breathing. As such, they would rather be indoors during these periods. 


A reason why a Rottweiler is a cool dog breed for retirees is their intense protective nature. You will not feel alone with this loyal and muscular companion. This amazing dog breed is suitable for retirees who prefer a bigger dog as it grows up to a hefty 13 pounds. 

With good training, your dog will keep you occupied, needing walks and puzzles daily. Since it feels best accomplished when given tasks to perform, you can spend time playing catch and fetch with them. The Rottweiler is also great for the indoors, and with gentle socialization, these pets make great companions keeping the lonely days away.

Keeping your dog close by will be necessary as Rottweilers have a high susceptibility to separation anxiety. 

Bichon Frise

Fancy a relatively small dog? This manageable dog breed is best for retirees, getting new adopters by the day. Weighing up to 12 pounds, the Bichon is super friendly and playful, promising to keep your sunset days happier.

These dog breed does not shed, and a nonfrequent groom to keep this bouncy companion neat is all that’s necessary. Their high indoor setting adaptability will best match the retiree who loves indoor activities. It needs low attention and just right for a calm, stress-free retirement.


This may be one of the most amazing dog breeds due to its high intelligence level. Whether you choose a toy, miniature, or standard poodle, these beauties will make excellent companions. More so for retirees who are couples. Poodles do not thankfully shed but may require grooming as often as once a month.

They tend to be highly trainable, so if you decide to get a pup, this can be your go-to option.

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

If you love snuggling with your dog, then this long-coated dog will be your best friend. Even in their quiet nature, these super manageable dogs will want to be on your lap a lot. You may need to have a long leash to prevent it from straying as it loves chasing things. Be ready to be grooming its pretty fur more often than other dog breeds.

As a senior, choosing a dog breed with a lower energy level can help as they demand fewer walks. You may be unable to keep up with pups as well, which nip and chew, especially through the training phase. As such, an older dog is recommended.

Dog breeds with calm temperament will make a good match, as you may want minimal barks around your home. One that needs minimal grooming may also prove to be less cumbersome as they may require less clipping, bathing, and brushing. Needless to say, the dog breed you choose shall be your companion for the rest of your life, so choosing as per your liking will work best for both you and the dog.

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