How to Calm an Aggressive Greyhound

A greyhound is generally not an aggressive dog breed. Greyhounds hardly display unfriendly behavior such as snarling, growling, and other aggressive traits common in other breeds. However, every canine has a unique personality and individual quirks. If your greyhound displays aggression, there is a reason for great concern.

There are several triggers that cause aggression in dogs, including frustration, social aggression, fear, learned aggression, genetics, and territorial aggression. Therefore, it is vital to understand what triggers your greyhound’s aggression when looking for a lasting solution. A great solution for aggression can simply be the appropriate use of treats or CBD PRODUCTS FOR DOGS that alleviate anxiety.

In this article, we will explore the short term and long term tips to calm an aggressive dog.

Short term tips to calm an aggressive greyhound

If the aggression trigger is something you can control, you can calm the dog using the following short-term tips:

Stay calm yourself

As the puppy parent, you must keep calm when the dog shows distress or aggression. If you tense or show stress signs, your feline friend will sense the negative emotions to cause him to react even more. When a dog shows signs of aggression due to exposure to a new environment, he will rely on your body language to deal with the new stimuli. It is also essential to stay calm when the dog shows aggression towards other dogs during your outings. If you tense and become worried when another dog approaches, you will only worsen the situation.

Practice prevention

It is also essential to establish what caused the aggression in common situations. For example, if the cause of aggression was an approaching stranger, it may be wise to warn strangers not to approach an under-socialized dog. Strangers are a common fear trigger, and a dog may feel threatened when an unknown person looms over him. If you are sure the dog has the potential to be aggressive when exposed to some situations, it is best to be proactive

Physical touch

There is absolutely nothing more soothing and reassuring to an anxious dog than the owner’s touch. 

Child with her dog at home

An anxious dog gives out various signals such as pacing, licking, yawning, or turning away. When you notice signs of anxiety or fear, it is best to reassure the dog to avoid him from being aggressive. Pick the dog up or cuddle with him on the couch and give them a good and long petting session. If you are out with him, squat down to his level and pet the dog on the chest, shoulders, and neck base. Use a slow petting method that is similar to massage or light scratching to calm a dog down. Petting should be calming and therapeutic for the dog to relax and take off its mind from the triggers of aggression.

Create space

If you see another dog approaching, it is best to create space by moving your greyhound to the other side of the walk-path or road. Take a safe distance as you wait for the trigger to pass. The safe distance will help you, and the dog avoid an aggressive interaction. Alternatively, you can use a blockade such as a tree or a car until the other dog pass. 

You can also move in front of the dog and block him from the sight of other dogs. This will relieve them of their triggers and keep the aggression at bay.

Don’t punish aggression

Do not yell, scream, or stick your face when the dog is snapping, growling, or snarling. When you add force and anger to an agitated dog, you only make the situation worse. If you punish your dog, he may stop communicating discomfort in the future and end up biting without warning.

Use treats

When going out with your greyhound, ensure you carry a few treats that may help calm down the dog in case he becomes aggressive. Calming treats are non-medicinal anxiety treating products that help soothe the symptoms of stress in pets. You can use the calming treats, calming bites, and calming chews to temporarily solve the problem as you look for long-lasting solutions. This article will later review a few treats and CBD products that calm greyhounds.

Music therapy

Just like in human beings, music works wonders to calm and relax your feline friend. Music can alleviate noise sensitivity by blocking the scary noises that bother your greyhound and cause them to be anxious and aggressive. Try playing classical or harp music commonly used in hospice situation s to calm down your aggressive greyhound when you are home.

Use calming coats or t-shirts.

Calming coats and t-shirts are specially designed fabric that helps calm a dog by applying constant mild pressure to the dog’s torso. The coats and t-shirts are ideal for dogs with any kind of anxiety induced by noise, stranger anxiety, travel, or separation.

Long term tips to calm an aggressive greyhound


Just like humans, your greyhound may suffer from pent up energy and tension that build up over time. If the dog doesn’t release all these energies, he may end up being aggressive. Regular exercise is effective in releasing the pent up energy that causes aggression. Therefore, it is essential to schedule routine walks that last for at least 20 minutes each day. The more the greyhound burns energy, the better their emotions and state of mind will be. When they don’t have too much energy, they find it challenging to be irritable and aggressive

Socialize the greyhound

Big meets little at the FastFriends rescue in La Habra where Frye the Chihuahua offers his services to test the greyhound’s temperament. ///ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: Ð MINDY SCHAUER, ORANGE COUNTY REGISTER Ð shot 030715 GreyhoundFriends.0313 FastFriends, a nonprofit based in La Habra, rescues greyhounds from Caliente race track in Tijuana and finds homes for them in Orange and LA counties.

Socialization is more beneficial if your greyhound is a puppy. Introducing them to other dogs and people when young can significantly influence how they react when they meet other dogs as they grow up. You should ensure the dog has regular encounters with different dogs and people to avoid aggression. Greyhounds are sociable animals, and if you deprive them of this innate behavior, it triggers aggression and vulnerability issues towards other dogs in the future. If you notice the pup being angry and tense around other dogs, just introduce him slowly to the other pups. Make it a habit to walk the puppy around the park with other dogs to get used to other animals’ presence.

Attend behavioral classes

Sometimes the cause of aggression can be difficult to nail, especially with adopted or rescued dogs. It could be the dog is suffering from a post-traumatic experience that makes them aggressive and angry. If you suspect the cause of aggressive behavior is from past bad experiences, take the dog to a behavioral class. An ideal training camp will help establish aggression triggers and how to support the dog to overcome the problem. Besides, training classes will equip you with the right tools to create ideal foundations for better behaviors in the long run

Use a muzzle

A muzzle can also be the best option to prevent a pup from being aggressive in the company of people or other dogs. You can combine the muzzle with an ideal harness to enable you to have better control over your dog when it starts showing signs of aggression like jumping, snarling, or barking. A muzzle will also help you ease the dog to a new social situation and away from the triggers. However, you need to train the dog appropriately for it to get used to the muzzle. Put the dog’s muzzle for about 30 minutes before a pleasurable activity like a meal or playtimes. This will help the greyhound to associate the muzzle with positive and pleasant situations.

Use high-quality CBD supplements for dogs.

CBD products can be effective in giving your pet much-needed relief from symptoms of anxiety, which often triggers aggression in dogs. Studies reveal that CBD oils work to interact with the endocannabinoid system (ECS) in dogs to soothe and calm anxiety. Add CBD oil directly to the dog’s food or, alternatively, drop some into their mouths. You can also try specially formulated CBD treats made of Non –GMO ingredients to help calm your dog down.


According to VCA hospital, every aggressive male dog should be castrated. Neutering typically refers to the surgical removal of testicles. Castration helps prevent aggression that is triggered by male hormones. Castration can also help reduce aggression towards other dogs and people. Besides, it also reduces markings that trigger aggression in dogs by 80 percent. Neutering will also help prevent reproduction and passing on of undesired genetic traits of aggression. However, when you are considering the castration of an older dog, the benefits should, by far, surpass the risks associated with surgery and anesthetic. The ideal time to castrate a greyhound is when he is between 6 months to 1 year.

Slowly introduce your dog to new people

Greyhound can be aggressive to new people in your family. If you are receiving regular guests, it is crucial to introduce your dog to them slowly for the greyhound to become accustomed to their presence and curb aggressive behavior. You can encourage the individual to extend the back of their hand to the dog gradually. This will enable the greyhound to smell the hand and become familiar with the person


Aggressiveness can also be due to medical issues such as lethargy, mood changes, hair loss, increased body weight, and convulsions. 

If you suspect underlying conditions to be a cause of aggression, take your dog to the vet regularly for a checkup. The vet will diagnose the medical conditions and prescribe the right medication. Greyhounds that require medication to ease aggression usually have a very high anxiety level than average dogs. The right medication will help them gain more self-control and relax. Some off the popular calming medications include amitriptyline, clomipramine, propranolol, sertraline, buspirone, and fluoxetine. However, use the medication only when directed by a qualified vet.

Treats for aggressive greyhounds

Several specially formulated treats can help the dog deal with anxiety and aggression. The products help promote calmness, focus, and soothe over-reactivity. Some of our top picks include:

Vets’ Best comfort calming soft chews

Vets’ Best help bring the much needed calming relief for dogs. It is a veterinarian- formulated calming aid the supports balanced behavior in greyhounds and promotes relaxation. The treat is packed with active ingredients that promote optimal absorption for quick relive. It is also simple to use, as it is once a day supplement that can be used together with regular meals. The treat features antioxidants and prebiotics that help reduce environmental stress in dogs. It is packed with a soothing blend of tryptophan, chamomile, and ginger root that enables optimal relaxation in your greyhound.

Maxxicalm natural calming aid for dogs

Maxxicalm is a B-vitamin and L-Theanine supplement that has been fortified with chamomile to help soothe an aggressive dog. The formula will help anxious, nervous, and fearful greyhounds relax and cope better with stressful situations. This product will give you exceptional results if your dog shows signs of aggressiveness, such as loud noises, sleep problems, hyperactivity, or fear of strangers in your dog. It is uniquely formulated to help your greyhound relax without drowsiness as it contains only all-natural and tasty ingredients. The simple dosage instructions allow for flexibility, and you can easily give the formula as a treat or mix with food.

VetriScience Calming Treats For Dog Anxiety

VetricScience calming treat is a sedative free, L-theanine supplement that will calm your dog for several hours. The composure can work within 30 minutes and will last for up to 4 hours. You can administer the treat daily or as situations demand. Besides, you can safely double or triple the dose to achieve the desired effect in your greyhound. It comes in a chicken liver flavored chew that your greyhound will love. The product, which is manufactured in the USA, is veterinarian formulated to make it safe for your pet.

ThunderEase dog calming pheromone

This product effectively reduces dog anxiety, destructive chewing, fear of loud noises, and other symptoms of aggressiveness in dogs. It is a vet recommended and clinically proven product that reduces anxiety and undesired behavior in 90 percent of all dog species, including greyhounds. It makes the dog feel safer, calmer, and less stressed when exposed to triggers of aggression. Once you use this product, you may see improvements as early as one week. However, use the product for one month for the best results.

CEVA animal health Adaptil calm home 

Adaptil Calm Homes Treat will definitely calm your dog during visits by strangers or when exposed to new environments. It is a vet recommended clinically proven drug free solution that is ideal for calming aggressive greyhounds. The odorless treats are only perceived by dogs and will provide a strong signal of comfort and security. It helps make your dog feel relaxed and less stressed, thus reducing problematic behaviors.

CBD products to calm anxiety in greyhounds

CBD is effective in treating anxiety, inflammation, and a host of other problems in dogs. Most pet owners swear that CBD oils have helped their dogs get rid of their aggressive behaviors. We will review a few CDD options from King Kanine and other sites.

King Kalm CBD oils

King Kalm CBD oils are a King Kanine product that helps the dog remain calm in stressful situations. The product is made from a phytocannabinoid, which is loaded with beneficial omega-3 oils. It also contains krill and hemp oil, which delivers a more potent and soothing effect than CBD oil. On the other hand, the fatty acids increase the CBD’s bioavailability to enable your pet to get a more significant impact from a small amount. This product also contains elements that reduce pain and inflammation and helps ease arthritis symptoms in old greyhounds. King kanine recommends using 75mg bottle for dogs weighing 0-20 pounds and 150g for those weighing above 21 pounds.

King Kalm Crunch Blueberry

This King Kanine product comes in blueberry flavors. The product is formulated using different ingredients that mix well with the CBD. Common components include sweet potatoes, blueberries, honey, eggs, and diced apples. You will get 20 to 30 treats per bag, and each treat contains 3 to 4 mg of CBD, which is enough to keep your greyhound calm and relaxed throughout the day. The treats are very delicious, and you should restrain from giving the dog too much of it to prevent the risk of CBD overdose.

 King Kalm Crunch Apple Cinnamon

This exciting CBD chew is made from all-natural organic nutrients that help calm pets down effectively. It comes with essential vitamins and omega 3 oils, which are slowly baked at low temperatures and dehydrated to maintain nutritional value. Other ingredients include turmeric, cinnamon, organic apple, and gluten-free stone ground oat flour.

King Kalm Crunch – Honey Oats

This CBD product will work effectively to calm your greyhound. It contains organic ingredients that were formulated by a licensed holistic physician and nutritionist. The product is an ideal source of antioxidant and macro/micronutrients that boots the overall health and wellness of your dog. Other ingredients making up this product include turmeric, almonds, honey, eggs, rolled oats, and oat flour.

King Kalm CBD With Copaiba, Krill Oil And DHA

This product is made purely from CBD extracts. Apart from relaxing an aggressive pet, it also aids dogs experiencing symptoms of anxiety, noise discomfort, and physical discomfort. This product is arguably one of the most popular options for dog owners that look for lasting solutions for undesirable behaviors in pets. The combination of Copaiba and DHA help deliver immense impact on aggressive dogs and comes with extremely low risk for adverse consequences. This product’s ingredients include tea tree oil, chamomile, hemp seed, honey, and colloidal silver.

FAQs about calming greyhounds

What can I give my dog for calming?

You can calm an aggressive dog using CBD products if you live in areas where CBD is legal. Alternatively, you can use common calming treats that contain valerian and chamomile. These are naturally occurring sedative herbs that are found in calming supplements. There are also several sprays and plug-in diffusers that are formulated with calming pheromones.

Can I give my dog too many calming treats?

Most calming treats are supplements and rarely have any side effects if used for long. However, if the dog consumes too many treats, he may experience stomach upset. Besides, you should not give your pet too many treats that contain CBD. The best way with the treats is to use them as directed by the manufacturer or vet.

How long will it take for the dog calming treats to work?

The amount of time it will take for the treats to kick in depends on the brand and ingredients. Some will work in fewer than 30 minutes, while others take up to 90 minutes. Calming treats will also last for varied periods—some last for 4 hours, while others will last for up to 8 hours.

Can I use massage to calm down an aggressive dog?

Massage will relax and calm the most anxious greyhound. Anxiety will cause the dog’s muscles to tense, and the best way to release the tension is through massage. Use one hand to massage the dog from the neck downwards while the other hand holds him. Try to identify the locations where the dog is holding its stress and work thoroughly in that particular area.

Does calming spray work or dogs?

The ideal calming spray can help alleviate general stress, separation anxiety, and noise phobias like fireworks and thunderstorms in dogs. However, calming sprays are not often effective for most aggression problems. Before you use one, ensure you have consulted the vet.

Greyhounds are generally loyal and affectionate dogs that rarely show aggression. However, dogs can be aggressive for a wide range of reasons; some are aggressive out of fear while others due to possessiveness. Some greyhounds tend to be aggressive out of anxiety or as a self-defense mechanism measure. When you notice unexplained aggression in your dog, take the necessary actions to discover and nip the problem in the bud. The above-recommended tips will help you find a lasting solution for your greyhound’s aggressive behavior.

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