Are Greyhounds Good Apartment Dogs?

Greyhounds are highly intelligent, affectionate, calm, and easy-going. And they are arguably among the most ideal home pets owing to their loving and devoted nature. They much enjoy the company of humans and other dogs.

So are they good apartment dogs? Yes, greyhounds are gentle and loyal pets that enjoy living in quiet environments. Besides, they take little space and do well in families with children. However, if you have children in your apartment, you should teach them to treat the pet with respect and politeness. Because of their sensitive nature, these beautiful pets respond well to gentle commands.

Why are retired greyhounds good apartment dogs?

Retired racing greyhounds are good apartment dogs because they don’t require much space. Your furry friend will also sleep close to 18 hours a day to make care effortless, especially if you have a busy schedule. They also have a calm temperament than the smaller and more active breeds.

Tips for living with a greyhound in an apartment

Greyhound’s large size and abundance of energy require enough apartment space. As long as you take the right steps, living with a canine in your apartment is possible. Here are some of the essential tips to make your dog happy and excited in your apartment:

Keep them safe

In case you live in an upstairs apartment, you must keep your dog safe. Whenever you are going out, ensure the doors and windows are firmly shut. Greyhounds have a natural chase instinct and may race out of an open window or door to chase a cat outside. If you live in a small apartment that makes it hard to cordon off the dog, lock the food safely to help your pet stay out of trouble. You should also remove any fragile or sharp appliances that can injure the dog.

Create fun-filled activities

If you are leaving your pet alone all day long in your apartment, ensure to leave enough toys to keep him busy and his day enjoyable. There are ideal toys such as puzzles and time-released feeders that will keep your pet busy. You can also hide toys and treats in perfect places around your apartment for the pet to discover when moving around the house. Hunting for hidden treats provides a dog with a lot of fun than when they just sit or sleep on the couch.

Control the noise

Greyhounds love living in quiet spaces free from irritating noise. The apartment you choose should feature a tranquil and peaceful environment. Keep the volume of your entertainment units down when living with a greyhound. Besides, you should consider moving away from apartments near busy roads with cars hooting all day. Too much noise will stress the canine and make them aggressive.

Additionally, you also need to control the dog’s barking not to disturb and irritate your neighbors. There are specific triggers that make a dog bark all day long. One of the triggers is an outside movement that catches the dog’s eye. To control the barking, ensure you closed the blinds to obstruct the outside view. You should also provide enough toys, treats, and puzzles to distract the dog from barking.

 Potty train

If you want to avoid messes and accidents, train the dog to use a potty. Greyhounds are highly intelligent dogs who respond well to basic training commands. When you train the dog on potty use, it will make it easy for them to use the bathroom when you are away. Keep safety in mind whenever you are potty training the dog.

Exercise with your dog

You should not leave the dog alone in the apartment without an ideal exercise strategy. If possible, schedule for an early morning and evening exercise routine. Ensure you get your puppy out for a morning run before you head to work. Morning runs will leave the dog tired and ready to sleep around for the better part of the day. When you adopt an active exercise routine, you reduce your dog’s chances of getting into any mess or trouble while you are away.

 Hire a walker

In case you have a hectic schedule and can’t create enough time for exercise with your furry friend, consider hiring a dog walker. Utilizing a walker guarantees that the dog gets all the exercise he needs. There are ideal dog walking apps that enable you to conveniently hire a walker to stop by your place and take out the dog for a walk or run. The dog hire for your pet should be well trained to handle all the dog’s needs. They should also communicate well with the pet to enable the development of a good relationship.

Adopt pet tech

There are ideal innovations in technology that allows you to stay more in contact with your dog while you are far away. The devices are equipped with cameras and microphones, which you use to interact and monitor your pets. The mobile applications allow you to talk with your dog whenever you get a moment off your busy schedule. There are also electronic collars that monitor the activity of the dog in the apartment. The collars will let you know how much the dog is moving inside the apartment.

Indoor Toys for Greyhounds

Greyhounds love puzzle toys. The interactive dog toys are designed to stimulate the dog’s natural curiosity and help keep your pet busy and out of boredom all day long. The toys provide much needed mental stimulation that starves off stress and loneliness. Let us have a look at these interactive toys:

Hide a Squirrel

The Hide a Squirrel toy by Outward Hound guarantees that your dog is kept busy and excited all day long. The game is simple; your dog will pull the little squeaky squirrels that you had stuffed earlier into the toy. Once the dog has pulled all the squirrels out, you stuff them gain and watch the dog repeat the exercise. The highly interactive toy offers a lot of fun. Besides, it is an ideal toy for dogs on a diet as it is a food-free toy. The toy is available in up to four sizes.

Kong Classic dog toy

Kong Classic dog toy is a favorite chew toy that will keep your furry friend well entertained and out of trouble for the rest of the day. You can stuff the bouncy rubber with treats such as a dog-safe peanut. Let your greyhound playfully lick every drop of the delicious morsel. The toy is available in many sizes, and you will get an ideal size for puppies, extreme chewers, and seniors.

Nina Ottoson by Outward Hound

Nina Ottoson is a Hide N Slide game dog toy that requires your dog to maneuver the levers to reveal hidden treats. It is an ideal toy that will stimulate the dog’s mental capacity and keep him curious and well entertained. The toy is made to look like real wood but is made from a durable and unique composite material that makes it highly durable.

Bob-A-Lot Dog Toy

Bob-A-Lot is an interactive dog toy that helps keep your pet mentally engaged in an activity he enjoys most. The toy fosters natural hunting instincts. It also helps prevent destructive boredom activities. It features large chambers that you will stuff with food for mealtime interactive feeding. The toy also features an adjustable treat dispensing feature for your dog to play with and discover hidden treats.

Pet zone IQ Treat Ball

You can also fill this interactive toy with treats and let the dog discover them on their own. It is a fun alternative to slow feed dog bowls that promote your dog’s healthy lifestyle. You will add the dog’s favorite treat and let him feed on whatever is dispensed when they roll the toy. It comes with an opening that is based on the desired difficulty. If you want to entertain your pet for long, then you should tighten the opening. This interactive toy promotes active feeding by enabling the dog to exercise as they roll the toy. It is a one seize toy that fits all dogs.

Varaam pet fitness robot

Varaam pet fitness robot is an ideal toy for individuals who often leave the dog alone in their apartments for long periods. The robot provides enough entertainment and exercise for the canine to stay active all day long. With this toy, you will effortlessly control the level of physical activity that suits your puppy. You will also get a chance to track the fitness statistics of your dog from your remote location. The robot will occasionally zoom around your room as it dispenses treats. The dog will chase it as he picks the delicious treats. You can control the robot manually or by the use of an app.

Wickedbone smart bone

Wickedbone smart bone features an old dog bone design that will immediately raise the curiosity of your pet. It is an interactive toy equipped with a lot of exceptional features to benefit the canine. It features several modes that make sure your pup never gets bored. You can choose the autonomous play mode for the dog to play alone. Alternatively, you can opt for the dog-owner bonding activity mode if you want to play with your pet. It is made of food-grade polycarbonate, which guarantees the safety of your dog. The material is also durable enough to sustain enormous pressure.

iFetch interactive dog ball launcher

 If you are looking for the ideal toy that trains your dog’s physique and cognitive abilities, this is the best unit. The moving dog toy is equipped with three tennis balls that meet the needs of small to large puppies. Once the dog is familiar with the workings of the ball launcher, he will charge it on its own while you are away. You can also use this ideal toy to achieve a fun interaction with your canine. Adjust the throwing distance from 10 to 30 feet whenever you are indoor or outdoor with your pet.

FurryFido Interactive Dog ball

This high-tech interactive puzzle dog toy comes in the shape of an ordinary dog ball. However, its features are not ordinary. The gadget is equipped with state of the art features that guarantee fun-filled activities. You can use the toy to play fetch with your dog or fill it with delicious treats for the dog to play an independent game. It is an ideal toy for challenging the dog’s brain. The treats will be accessible only if the holes in the two balls are aligned together. It also features a soft but highly durable rubber that enhances the pet’s mental hygiene.

How to Adopt a Racing Greyhound for Indoor Living

 A greyhound trained for racing lives a dramatic life from the household pets. The racer’s life is focused on athletic training and performance. It, therefore, leads to a highly regimented and activity-filled life. These pets thrive on love, attention, and affection to make adoption easy.

Typically, greyhounds available for adoption are usually between two to five years old. The pets stand at 26 to 30 inches and weigh anything between 50 to 80 pounds. Greyhounds are clean and hygienic dogs that rarely shed. You will have 18 primary colors and over 55 different color combinations to choose from. The following are the essential adoption tips:

Learn about the dog’s temperament

You should spend some time and learn about the temperament and character of your pet. Most racing greyhounds are trained to race by chasing moving lures and other objects. 

Consequently, you need to train the dog to live well with other pets like cats in your apartment.

Understand the physical need of the greyhound

Greyhounds need specific needs in their environment. Before you adopt a racing greyhound, you must understand these needs. Greyhound is sensitive to cold and wet weather, and you can’t leave them outside during winter days. You also need to provide a fenced yard for the furry friend. You cannot chain a greyhound as chaining can lead to neck breakage when the pets sprint at high speeds after a moving object.

Understand their medical needs

Greyhounds can suffer from certain medical conditions which are not prone to other dog species. They are particularly sensitive to flea products, barbiturates, and worm products. The former racers are also more prone to cancer than the other breeds. Greyhounds can also exhibit low levels of thyroids. If you suspect your pet is sick, you need to call in a vet as soon as possible.

Complete adoption process

Visit a greyhound adoption agency near you and identify the suitable breed for your indoor racing activity. Afterward, complete the adoption process by filling in specific and general information about other pets, your home environment, and family questions. You will also agree to specific conditions set by the agency and pay for the adoption fees. You will then go home and wait for the adoption decision. Once you are home, arrange the place for the new greyhound.

 FAQs about Greyhounds as Apartment Dogs

 Do greyhounds need a lot of attention?

Although greyhounds love attention and love, they don’t need demanding care like other small dog breeds. They also love to sleep and thus are ideal pets for individuals who live in apartments.

What should I know before I adopt a greyhound?

There are critical issues that you should know if you intend to adopt a greyhound. For one, the pet requires less exercise than other dogs. They also make great apartment pets owing to their less demanding care practice. You should also know that the dogs get cold quickly and should not be exposed to wet, cold conditions. The canines love the thrill of the chase too.

How often does greyhound a poop?

Before the pet gets used to the new environment and new food, it will poop every 2 to 4 hours. You should take the dog out or to a poppy whenever you notice it sniffing and walking in circles.

How often should I bath a greyhound?

Greyhounds do not shed a lot and have very little doggy odor. They, therefore, do not need frequent baths. The grooming needs are minimal and take just a few minutes of your time.

Can I raise tow male greyhounds together in my apartment?

 It is not advisable to raise two male greyhounds unless you are putting them permanently in separate rooms. Male greyhounds have a lot to settle and may lead to bloody fights.

Can I leave greyhound alone all day?

 Yes, greyhounds can be left alone safely for several hours. However, ensure you provide enough food and interactive toys that will keep the pet full and entertained. You should also potty train the dog if you want to avoid foul smells.

Greyhounds are excellent apartment companions. The champion sprinters are a beautiful and delightful addition to your family and space. They are smart, gentle, sweet, and calm to both children and adults. With all the above tips, you can now start living with your beautiful furry friend in your apartment.

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